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Progress Psychology was founded by Dr Mick Darby to help anyone overcome behavioural or psychological issues from the comfort of their own homes. This unique, evidence-based approach to online psychological counselling combines performance coaching and positive psychology with behaviour change and addictions therapy to help clients change their behaviours and build more meaningful and successful lives. 

"We recognise that seeking psychological help for yourself or a loved one can be incredibly challenging and so we try to make that first conversation as compassionate and practical as possible."

Psychological therapy (for lasting behaviour change)

Progress Psychology has pioneered the remote delivery of psychological behaviour change services since 2018. Our approach grew out of a revolutionary behaviour change therapy that initially focused on addictive and compulsive behaviours and is now supported by over 1,000 randomised controlled studies. In addition to addictions this approach is equally effective for any unwanted behaviour such as perfectionism, procrastination, overworking, avoidance, anger or control behaviours.

Using a unique combination of coaching and counselling, we help our clients not just to recover from psychological or behavioural issues but to become an improved version of themselves and achieve the life they want.

We help our clients change their relationship to unwanted or addictive behaviours, focus on what’s important to them and radically improve their life, relationship, health and career. It can help with unwanted substance use, drug or alcohol addiction or dependance, and behavioural addictions (such as gambling, porn or internet use), as well as any other compulsive and unwanted behaviours, including OCD-type behaviours.

For some people, the experience of repeating unwanted and unhelpful behaviours can leave them feeling trapped, frustrated, drained or fearful as they feel themselves moving away from being the person they want to be. This can result in worry, shame, grief, anger and anxiety, which perpetuates the addictive or unwanted behaviour.

Progress Psychology also specialises in working with couples where one person has addiction issues

Online delivery allows anyone to easily access services from the comfort of their own homes or anywhere else. It also reduces any stigma that may be felt in other environments (such as by attending a clinic or seeing a psychologist in person). It is specifically designed for anyone who prefers not to go into group or residential treatment centres, or who dislikes the idea of sitting in a typical therapy room.

This unique approach helps people to move past the unintended consequences of fear, trauma or even success, to improve performance and discover meaning in their work and personal lives. For more details or to arrange a complimentary initial consultation please use the contact form below. 

“We work sensitively with our clients to explore their psychological and behavioural patterns so that they can find ways to use less energy fighting themselves and spend more time moving towards a happier, richer life.”

Psychological coaching (for high performance and wellbeing)

The Progress Psychology coaching process uses an evidence-based approach to help anyone (including high-performers, elite sportspeople, insecure over-achievers or anyone working in high-intensity environments) overcome psychological and behavioural barriers to overcome stress and improve performance, emotional regulation, relationships and overall wellbeing.

This approach helps transform psychological blockages into opportunities for self-growth, where individuals uncover hidden values and start behaving more like the person they want to be.  It specifically targets the behavioural patterns that lie behind psychological issues, so clients use less energy fighting against themselves and spend more time progressing into a more meaningful and enjoyable state of living (while embracing the inevitable suffering that comes along with it).

Our evidence-based approach helps our clients to develop psychological resilience in the face of the anxiety, burnout, work-related stress, depression and many of the behavioural issues that occur alongside addictions and compulsions; while helping them to build the lives they’ve always wanted.

Many high-performing individuals find it difficult to seek help because it can be hard to admit they have an issue. Internalising tends to magnify relationship issues, unhappiness and isolation, which reinforces addictive and compulsive behaviours. We help our clients to modify their unhelpful behavioural cycles into more helpful values-based actions that reconnect them to their loved ones, work colleagues and their inner sense of purpose. Our approach is based on current psychological coaching and behavioural science, blended with specific technique borrowed from high performance and sports psychology.

Please use the contact form below

Please use the contact form below to find out more about Progress Psychology coaching and counselling packages, including our remote high performance coaching and addictions treatment services for high achievers