Coaching for psychological performance

Dr Mick Darby (CPsychol), the founder of Progress Psychology Limited, works confidentially with leaders who are experiencing behavioural or emotional challenges and want to supercharge their performance. He works remotely, with senior executives, elite athletes, coaches, leaders and business owners.

Mick specialises in helping his clients to find meaning, define and achieve better goals, build stronger relationships and navigate behavioural challenges without being held back by their psychological issues. Mick has over fifteen years’ experience consulting to global leaders across a wide range of organisations and sectors. He also works with elite sports teams and he delivers group coaching and training workshops.

Unmuddle Coaching: For psychological flexibility, clarity and performance

Unmuddle Coaching helps people and teams to move past the unintended consequences of perfectionism and high-intensity working environments, to improve performance and discover meaning in their work and personal lives. Mick is an expert in Psychological Flexibility (also called Emotional Agility or Mindfulness Acceptance and Commitment Coaching) an evidence-based approach that focuses on wellbeing, behaviour change, performance and mental resilience. He has developed and improved the Unmuddle Coaching process over ten years by incorporating elements of Emotional Agility training, Improvisation-based coaching, applied Marginal Gains Theory, Positive Psychology and Behavioural Economics. This unique approach helps clients with focus, direction, wellbeing, happiness and relationships.

The Unmuddle Coaching process helps transform current crises into opportunities for self-growth, where individuals uncover hidden values and start behaving more like the person they want to be.  It specifically targets the behavioural patterns that lie behind psychological issues, so clients use less energy fighting against themselves and spend more time moving towards a more meaningful and enjoyable life (while embracing the inevitable suffering that comes along with it). For more details please use the contact form below.

Psychological Flexibility Coach Training: For deeper work and higher performance

Psychological Flexibility Coach Training gives coaches, mentors, leaders and mental health support teams the evidence-based skills they need to improve their coaching delivery, performance and effectiveness. This revolutionary approach to coaching complements prior professional training. It allows professionals to work with clients experiencing deeper psychological and behavioural issues, which can often emerge in the coaching process (e.g. disengagement due to lack of motivation, distress, hopelessness, anxiety, sadness or anger). Coaches will develop core behavioural competencies that can supercharge their practice and build stronger alliances with clients. Psychological Flexibility Training is designed to improve coaches’ ability to hold their clients’ emotional pain and confusion, while helping them to navigate towards meaningful coaching (and life) outcomes.

Getting Unstuck Coaching: A unique collaboration with “The Career Psychologist

The Career Psychologist has brought together a group of coaching, business, counselling and organisational psychologists specialising in leadership, performance, wellbeing and resilience. Together, we offer a range of bespoke team training and individual coaching services to companies and organisations. One such course is Getting Unstuck, a rigorous, 5-step process which helps our clients identify which direction would suit them best and move forward with purpose.

If you feel stuck in your career, this process will help you separate what you think you should do from what you really want to do, and give you skills to overcome the anxiety that inevitably comes with change. An interactive 1 page summary of the whole process can be downloaded here. For more details please use the contact form below or visit

Repurpose Coaching: Moving past unhelpful, addictive or compulsive behaviours

Do you live in a world where you feel compelled to present an image of being mentally, emotionally and physically successful? If so, it’s only natural to perceive any type of work performance or relationship issues as failure, leading to denial, avoidance, unhappiness and suffering. Some individuals try – in vain – to fight against unwanted thoughts and feelings by pushing through to achieve the goals they have set. Then, just when they seem to be achieving everything they aimed for, they can feel empty and confused. This paradox is a result of having goals that are unaligned with core values. For some, this experience can leave them feeling trapped, frustrated, drained or fearful and takes them off track as they engage in unhelpful addictions (substance or behavioural) or compulsions that cause worry, shame, grief, anger and anxiety.

Repurpose coaching is designed to help anyone repeating cycles of unhelpful behaviours to focus on what’s important and quickly change their behaviours to radically change their life direction. For more details please use the contact form below.

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