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Hello and welcome to the website of Dr Mick Darby (CPsychol) an experienced and professional psychologist in London who works with clients – individuals and organisations – across the UK and internationally. Mick is a Chartered Psychologist registered with the British Psychological Society (BPS). Please use the contact form below if you are interested in finding out more about the way he works. All enquiries are handled in complete confidence.

Coaching and organisational training

I help individuals, couples, teams and organisations to improve resilience, confidence, wellbeing and performance regardless of the challenges they are facing. I specialise in evidence-based career performance & executive coaching, wellbeing workshops and workplace training.

Acceptance and Commitment Coaching

Mick specialises in helping clients to find a more meaningful life direction, achieve career goals, build stronger relationships and navigate challenges without being held back by personal and organisational issues. He has been coaching since 2010 and now specialises in ‘Acceptance and Commitment Coaching’, an evidence-based approach that focuses on wellbeing, behaviour change, work performance and developing mental resilience.

Mick is a certified coach and practicing member of the British Psychological Society Special Group in Coaching Psychology. He works confidentially with clients who include senior executives, sportspeople, entrepreneurs and business owners across the globe. He works extensively with individuals who are experiencing challenges such as returning to work, changing career, starting a business, gaining a promotion or seeking to supercharge their work performance.

The approach Mick uses – Acceptance and Commitment Coaching – helps clients with life direction, general wellbeing, confidence, emotional intelligence, relationship management and assertive communications. It has been demonstrated to help prevent burnout and improve work performance. Although much of the focus is typically work related, the psychological skills his clients learn are transferrable to intimate relationships, parenting, social performance and other non-work areas.

Wellbeing and Emotional Agility training

With organisational clients, Mick specialises in workplace wellbeing, ‘Emotional Agility’ training and ‘Acceptance and Commitment Training’ for behaviour change, work performance and resilience. He offers client-focused consultancy services grounded in empirical evidence. His evidence-based approach has been demonstrated to boost employee engagement, diminish work-related stress and improve work performance.

Mick was awarded the Australian Psychological Society Prize for excellence and has been published on the use of mindfulness in professional development training. He has over fifteen years’ experience consulting to a wide range of multinational organisations and enterprises operating across business services, technology, creative industries, third sector, industrial manufacturing and finance sectors. With a particular interest in workplace wellbeing, Mick also delivers group coaching, counselling and wellness training workshops.

Clinical work and counselling psychology

“I am here to support my clients on their journey, encourage them to adopt a more compassionate view of themselves and to embrace their demons as they move towards a more meaningful and enjoyable life. This is my starting point for psychological therapy that can be uplifting and regenerative.”

My approach to psychological therapy

In today’s world, our expectations can be influenced by stories of seemingly perfect lives, careers or relationships, in a world where it seems normal to be mentally, emotionally and physically healthy, successful and happy. Therefore, we tend to set such expectations for ourselves. So, it’s only natural to see mental health issues, unhappiness or suffering as disorders that need to be fixed or avoided at all cost. This is the point when many people come to therapy. 

But life, work and relationships are not easy. Everyone struggles. Indeed, it is perfectly normal to suffer psychologically as we go through life. Although you may feel broken at times, you are not. You are doing the best you can under challenging circumstances.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

I use Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), an approach that helps clients to develop workable options that move them towards a happier life, rather than focusing on the past. Think of anything that could be called a disorder such as worry, depression, burnout, grief, anger, perfectionism, OCD, anxiety, PTSD, chronic pain or bipolar (to name just a few). At the heart of each of these lies a similar pattern of behaviour: trying – in vain – to fight or avoid our suffering. In fact, we humans spend so much time fighting against our own thoughts and feelings it can leave us feeling even more confused, trapped, frustrated, drained or fearful. Over time this can destroy our intimate, social and working relationships. Yet, for many of us this battle is repeated every single day. Does this sound familiar?

Transforming pain into opportunity

Counselling psychology can help transform your current crisis into an opportunity for self-growth, where you discover strengths you may have forgotten and start behaving more like the person you want to be. My role is to help hold your pain as – together – we investigate your patterns of thinking and behaving, so you can use less energy fighting against yourself and spend more time moving towards a more meaningful and enjoyable life (in spite of the inevitable suffering that comes along with it). 

Therapy is about you and I working together; sharing, collaborating and trusting. You can discuss your challenges in complete confidence while I will offer you a caring and attentive ear. Together, we will design actions that will help you change your life direction. This can be challenging, nurturing and ultimately rewarding. Our focus will not be so much on your history, your condition or your disorder. We will concentrate on the options you have today to create the life you want.

Clinical experience and specialisms

Mick trained and worked in numerous NHS services and was involved in designing and implementing an innovative addictions recovery programme for a large London NHS Trust.

As a HCPC registered Counselling Psychologist, Mick specialises in helping clients to find direction and navigate psychological-behavioural challenges, through a compassionate and mindful approach to therapy. In addition to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy he uses Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Cognitive Analytic Therapy and Mindfulness based approaches. He is passionate about helping each of his clients to redesign their lives to include stronger relationships, rewarding careers and fulfilling personal lives. 

Mick works confidentially and sensitively as a psychologist in London, from rooms near London Bridge where he helps his clients develop psychological resilience in the face of anxiety, burnout, work-related stress, addictions, compulsions, depression and other behavioural issues. He now works solely in private practice.

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As a British Psychological Society Chartered Member (No. 342130) Mick is a Coaching Psychologist in London city, working across Greater London, the UK and online with international clients; a Counselling Psychologist in London Bridge and across Greater London; a Consulting Psychologist in London working with businesses and organisations operating across the UK and internationally. He is also a UK HCPC registered practitioner psychologist (No. PLY37161). Mick gained his Professional Doctorate in Psychology at City, University of London following a 1st Class Honours Degree in Psychological Science at the Australian College of Applied Psychology. He received the Australian Psychological Society Prize for excellence in 2013. Mick is able to see clients who are wholly or partly covered by certain private health care insurance providers to see a psychologist in London, in person. Please get in touch if you have an enquiry.