Dr Mick Darby (CPsychol)

My approach helps all kinds of people to thrive in life and work regardless of the personal, relationship or workplace issues they inevitably encounter”

Doctor of Psychology, Chartered Psychologist.

B.A.(Hons), BPsychSci (1st Class), GDPsychSci, M.Sc., DPsych

Counselling, coaching and consulting psychologist.

Progress Psychology is the website of Dr Mick Darby. Psychological coaching, counselling and consulting can help improve health and wellbeing, and enable individuals, couples or teams to perform at a higher level. By working with me you can make progress through building confidenceimproving performance, and developing resilience in the face of life’s challenges.

Individual: I work with clients to develop new skills that allow them to grow in confidence and change their unhelpful behaviours. One-to-one coaching or counselling helps to reduce psychological blockages, enhance relationships and improve careers.

Couples and relationships: I work with couples who may be experiencing difficulties or who are looking for ways to improve their relationship. Couples coaching or counselling helps to move relationships beyond unhelpful patterns of behaviour, towards meaning and love. This approach is also effective for mediating challenging workplace relationships.

Teams and organisations: When rolled out across teams, group training sessions have been shown to improve workplace performance, employee satisfaction, creativity, leadership and employee retention. Organisations also benefit from psychological training that helps to align business values with corporate branding.

Business owners and executives: Leaders and business owners can benefit from coaching in the latest evidence-based ways to overcome stress, increase performance, lead more effectively and develop values-based goals as they sustainably steer their business through changing times, or redefine their corporate direction.

Freelancers and consultants: Psychological coaching can help individuals to develop the psychological skills they need to help them work more effectively with clients and business partners, manage the ups and downs of self-employment without sacrificing work-life balance, or make better career decisions.

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Dr Mick Darby BPS Chartered Psychologist
Dr Mick Darby HCPC Registered Practitioner Psychologist

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