Build resilience

Psychological coaching or counselling can you to build resilience, and adapt better to life’s stresses and challenges. These can be family or relationship problems, health problems, or workplace and financial worries. It is also able to help anyone who has previously suffered anxiety, depression or other clinical conditions from the risk of future relapse.

Resilience Training

Often, we struggle with the confidence to break out of unhelpful behaviours and make brave decisions. Progress Psychology uses a process known as Resilience Training, which allows individuals to develop the personal resilience they need to be focused, enthusiastic and effective, without relapsing into old behaviours.

In just a couple of sessions you can learn some essential life skills that can help you reduce stress, move beyond the blockages that have been holding you back, and gain clarity and confidence as you start to make better choices, overcome your fears and reach your goals.

Coaching for personal growth

Coaching can help you to set better goals (in line with your core values) and achieve them. This helps people to respond better to difficult situations. It can also help to maintain ongoing life and work effectiveness, particularly for anyone who previously suffered anxiety, depression or other clinical conditions. Learn how to shift out of unhelpful patterns of beliefs and behaviours, towards embracing personal growth.

Couples counselling

Couples counselling is effective at helping either individuals in a relationship, or couples who are struggling. It can help to rebuild trust, improve communication, challenge expectations and adapt behaviours; so that past or present unhelpful patterns of behaviour can be understood and changed to help build a stronger relationship, fit for the future.

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