Boost work performance

Progress Psychology offers psychological coaching and consulting services to organisations, employees, executives and business owners. Progress Psychology services are grounded in scientific evidence, particularly Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT), which has been shown to help employees and organisations improve their performance.

Psychological training programmes can help individuals to get more out of their current job and make more informed decisions about their career choices, and are useful for businesses seeking to develop and retain the loyalty of employees.

Psychological coaching involves guiding clients to implement new life and workplace strategies, which help people align their business, life and career goals.

Many people experience stress, disillusionment and burnout at work. If you are not working to your highest standards, it may be that your career or business goals no longer match your personal values. Or, if your business is experiencing high rates of staff turnover, it may be because employees feel under-valued and unconnected from your organisational objectives. Such issues are common “growing pains” as organisations transition and develop.

ACT training helps to develop new skills in psychological flexiblity, which help to address issues in a more creative and engaged way. This improves emotional regulation, which increases effectiveness and happiness at work, as part of a more meaningful life.

Benefits to organisations

ACT is an evidence-based consulting approach, which leads to measurable behaviour change in the workplace. A growing body of evidence attests to the effectiveness of ACT across organisations, resulting in direct business benefits, including improved performance on the part of business leaders, managers, and front-line staff.

Research shows that businesses and organisations do better when employees are psychologically flexible (ie. less “stuck”, or “set in their ways”). This is exactly what ACT addresses; even short training programmes can lead to improvements in work performance, job satisfaction, resilience to change, employee wellbeing, and staff training outcomes.

Similarly, ACT has been shown to reduce the effects of work-related stress, presenteeism, absenteeism, staff turnover, burnout, and job-related errors.

Positive outcomes for groups and teams

Progress Psychology blends ACT with Positive Psychology to help people lead more meaningful, happy and productive lives.

Positive Psychology is an approach which developed in parallel with, but separately from ACT. They are somewhat different in focus: ACT helps people to move past difficult thoughts, feelings and emotions, without getting “stuck”, while Positive Psychology offers a way for people to cultivate positive emotions and experiences, in order to achieve “happiness”.

Used together within a coaching approach, they help people to clarify what matters most, set better goals, and develop key psychological strengths. This new approach offers the promise of sustainable positive outcomes for a wide range of individuals. This makes Progress Psychology coaching particularly well suited to groups and teams, which – inevitably – comprise a range of individuals, each of whom will have their own, unique set of issues and goals particular to their current personal and career situation.