Gain confidence

Most people lack confidence in some area of their life. For most of us this is not problematic, but for others it can lead to challenging thoughts, feelings and behaviours, which can block progress in interpersonal relationships and careers.

Progress psychology offers an effective confidence coaching and assertiveness training process that is designed to help anyone who has been held back in their lives by a lack of confidence, poor self-esteem or shyness.

Confidence coaching

It is common to experience a lack of confidence in specific life areas. For example some people may lead a successful career but have trouble with their domestic relationships, or vice versa.

Working collaboratively with a coach helps to address such issues, and it is possible to experience significant progress in a small number of coaching sessions.

Confidence begins by taking actions that are in sync with our core values. However, taking these actions can be incredibly difficult because of fears that arise before the action is taken. Unfortunately, each time we give in to our fears, the more difficult it can be to break out of the cycle of fear, procrastination, inaction and self-blame.

Progress Psychology provides a nurturing environment for people to break out of the fear and uncertainty that have held them back in the past – while learning new, invaluable life skills at the same time.

Assertiveness training

Assertiveness training enables clients to process information and communicate more effectively with others. This allows individuals to deal with interpersonal relationships across their home, social and work lives in a calm and confident manner.

As every client is different, we work collaboratively to develop tailored approaches that help to build confidence from the first session, in the areas that are important to you.

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