Acceptance and Commitment Training

With Progress Psychology you will become an expert on yourself, enabling you to become aware of, and navigate around any issues that may have held you back in the past. In every session you will learn simple techniques to help shift any unhelpful thinking and change any behaviours that have not been helpful in your life or work. Through this, you will gain an understanding of how to positively transform your everyday relationships.

Progress Psychology offers a coaching model based on Acceptance and Commitment Training (or ACT). Also known as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, ACT was pioneered in the USA and is now used widely across the world. This breakthrough in psychological science is supported by an extensive body of academic and workplace research and is applicable to many situations.

ACT uses mindfulness techniques to help you reflect upon your current behaviours, thoughts and feelings, and then take action in line with your values (the things that are important to you in life and work).

By combining ACT with positive psychology and behavioural economics, Progress Psychology can help you and your organisation to be more successful.

Respond better to life’s challenges

ACT coaching involves learning better ways to process information and feelings, while making better choices about how to respond to different situations. It is also effective for anger management and suitable for people at any stage of life.

At the core of Progress Psychology is an understanding that clients who make an active decision to shift out of their patterns of beliefs and behaviours and embrace their personal growth can make speedy progress. Our coaching services are available face-to-face in London, Brighton, Sussex or by distance using Skype.

ACT coaching and mindfulness

With ACT coaching you will learn mindfulness skills to strengthen your ability to ‘not react’. This process works as you become an expert in identifying and accepting the things you cannot change, while you commit to improve the things that matter to your personal development.

This will free you to make better life decisions that lead to rapid personal development. Using a strategic coaching model that has been adapted to suit your needs and lifestyle, we will push you as fast and as hard as you want to go.

Guided self-development

An enquiring mind is absolutely essential for any individual to make real, lasting progress in their life. We will work with your particular way of thinking to develop a tailored coaching approach, that draws upon your own life experiences.

Together we will define strategies using techniques and tools that are appealing to you and are proven to be effective.